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At Abundance Wealth Community, our goal above all is to understand you — your past experience with money, your current situation, and everything that you want to achieve in life. While money is an important tool to help you create your ideal future, in the end it’s only a tool. What’s most important of all is to understand the person behind the money — we want to give you a plan that truly resonates with you, helps you feel you’re making real progress, and provides you with peace of mind.

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Forever curious

Max is a family guy who was born-and-raised in Vancouver, lived 12 years in Korea and Japan, and then navigated back to this side of the Pacific Rim. He’s an avid consumer of spicy food, a diehard ocean swimmer (both warm and cold), and an unstinting lover of animals and nature. Hot frothy black coffee is always a highlight for this independent financial advisor with more than 10 years in the industry. Max is big on giving back to the community so that all of us can share in the abundance of our amazing world.


Our Story


Abundance refers to the gifts that are so plentiful in our world. Fresh air, pure water, delicious food. There’s more than enough for everybody. Often, though, we hold limiting beliefs that certain resources are finite. What’s the difference between one person earning $40,000 per year and another earning $200,000? Sometimes it comes down to education, circumstances, and opportunities — but a lot of times it comes down to mindset.


Wealth means we want to help all people share in the abundance of our planet. We have a wonderful opportunity to help bring everybody up to the same level of wellbeing. We believe everyone should enjoy three meals a day, clean water, education, medical care, security, and a home to shelter them from the elements. We can achieve all this while stewarding our natural environment for future generations.


Community is what ties us all together. Let’s build deep, impactful, and authentic relationships with the people we interact with on a daily basis. We want to say hello to our neighbors and smile at other people when we’re walking down the street. And let’s make sure that we’re supporting every stakeholder in our community — giving back means helping share what we have with others who may be less fortunate.

Put it at all together, and we have one unified concept: Abundance Wealth Community!

who we
work with

As a father of three boys, I resonate strongly with the causes of responsible investing and taking care of our community.

Responsible investing means helping achieve a win-win-win scenario for our portfolios, other people, and the planet. Taking care of our community means inviting others to share in the same abundance we get to enjoy. I know firsthand the challenges of raising children in Vancouver and my goal is to help other likeminded and likehearted parents create a solid plan to put their family on a firm financial footing.

Our Process

Meet & Greet

This first meeting is all about you

We always kick things off with a discovery meeting where our financial planners dig deep and find out what makes you tick. We never judge. So, tell us about that $5 a day coffee habit or your expensive sneaker collection. We create a safe place and ask the right questions so that we can learn everything about your financial life. And, because all relationships are a two-way street, if you have questions, ask away.

This get-together is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. When we understand your priorities, goals and needs, we can create a plan and suggest products that are truly tailored to your needs. The best part? Well, aside from helping you crush your financial goals, is that we make the experience fun and relaxed.

Solutions Meeting

Welcome back!

Hey, hey, welcome back to Abundance. When you come on in for your second meeting, we’ll have done a whole lot of homework based on our initial chat. We’ll sit down with you and show you the customized solutions that we recommend to achieve each of your goals.

We’ll explain how these strategies can take care of your priorities, and take care of your worries. Our team will also talk about ways you can avoid certain pitfalls, by building a timeline of your financial future. By the time you leave our office, you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing we have your back and you’ve taken important steps in securing your financial future.

Implementation & Upkeep

Let’s get it done!

What good is a personalized financial plan if it just sits there? This is where we spring into action. Depending on your needs, we might also connect with your accountant, lawyer or banker. In certain situations, a team approach will ensure all pieces of your financial life are integrated.

We’ll help you monitor your progress and we’ll keep your plan current. Whether a bundle of joy comes along, you land a sweet new gig or you decide to retire, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. This way, you’re getting the the most up to date solutions and financial tools you need at any given stage in your life.

And, don’t worry, this won’t be the last time you see our smiling faces! Going forward, we’ll meet every year for service and maintenance of your financial plan.

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get paid

First of all, our time is always complimentary.

After we present our recommendations, many of our clients are raring to go and tell us, “Hey, that sounds great! Let’s move forward with Steps 1, 2, and 3!” — in which case we’ll be happy to help you implement our plan together!

At the same time, our clients are equally free to say, “This looks like a really good plan and I’ve truly appreciated all your education, help and advice — and at this time, I’d rather leave everything as is without making any changes.” This result is 100% fine as well — because at the end of the day, if you come out of our process with more education in your back pocket so you can make better decisions for yourself going forward, then we know we’ve done a good job!

So when you do decide to move forward with our plan, here are the details on how we get paid.


We get compensated in three ways

each of which we’ve structured to be win-win for our clients and ourselves.

zero fees

First, we don’t believe in charging you a fee for our services, meaning every dollar you invest goes 100% toward building up your own portfolio. When you implement our plan, we get paid a commission directly from the financial institutions we work with. We’re contracted with multiple different providers and we always strive to choose the company whose products best match your needs.


Zero Additional Charges

Second, we’re paid small annual service fees to help compensate us for the continuing maintenance of your accounts. Should you wish to update your address, banking information, beneficiaries, or request any service calls, there are no additional charges to you. Our ongoing compensation is based on the size of the portfolio you hold. As your portfolio grows larger, we both benefit. This means we’re incentivized to perform our due diligence and pick the investments that will get you the most growth.


optimal management

Finally, if you feel we have done a great job, then please share your before and after story with your friends and family so we can also help them with their finances. This way, we can continue to grow our business, and are able shift our resources away from prospecting and marketing and focus our energies on the optimal management of your portfolio. 

I have gone through serious financial crises and Max’s creative and experienced skills saved me just on time, and put me back on track for my life in Canada. You worked so hard and helped me save, and even earn, so much money. I can never explain how much I appreciate your valuable advices and again how thankful I am for his work as my financial adviser.

- Asuman
Max Becker-Pos has a wealth of financial knowledge and advice from his vast experience. He has helped me grow my personal wealth and made me more financially savvy. I am very grateful to Max for all he has done to assist in planning my finances. Max’s professionalism, friendliness and thoughtful approach to helping people make me aware how fortunate I am to know him.
- Robin
Before working with Max I had no knowledge about how to handle my money correctly. After one year my credit score has jumped up by 100 points and I have been able to consistently save each month. It has been a great experience from the start!

- Vivienne

- Madeline

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